Commercial Bin Cleaning

- 240 upto 1100 Litre Wheelie Bins

Having clean and fresh commercial bins is important to your business’s good hygiene practice. Often, wheelie bins are in areas that your customers and patrons can see and smell, and nothing is more off-putting to a potential client/customer than a rank bin. But it’s not just the smell coming from these units that’s concerning.

Wheelie bins in commercial settings are a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and moulds, as well as insect pests like flies, cockroaches and attract vermin like mice and rats. The threat to your staff and clientele from dirty bins is real- but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here at Aussie Bin Cleaning, we can arrange a regular cleaning schedule with you that will guarantee your bins and business remain clean and fresh.

Have more than two bins? No worries. We don’t limit the number of your bins that we can clean.
Call us on 0458 400 458 to discuss how we can meet your needs. Having your smelly and dirty bins cleaned by us is simple!

Here’s how easy it is with our closed capture system:

1. Book and pay for your service using our stress-free booking system

2. We arrange with you the best day AFTER bin empty to come to you

3. We arrive at your premises and begin the magic

4. We clean the underside of your units

5. Your bin is cleaned inside and out using high-pressure water, with special attention to handles and lid

6. Your bin is sanitised with hospital-grade disinfectant (bye-bye germs)

7. Your bin is deodorised

8. Your bin is wiped down and put away in a safe place

9. We take away all the gunk and dirty water

10. You have a fresh and clean bin until we come next time